Ali Ildirimoghlu. The Glowing Lines. Baku, «Tahsil», 2011, 288 p.

The famous writer-publicist, Honoured Journalist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ali Ildirimoghlu has published thousands of critical articles, essays, topical satires and stories. He has authored such works of art as the “Light Houses”, “To write or not to write”, “Chinarli”, “Sorrow”, “Telepathic”, “The indelible tracks” and the novels such as “The same man”, “The willy-nilly diplomat” which have won the sympathy of their readers.
Ali Ildirimoghlu’s new novel-memoir “The Glowing Lines” is edifying for grounding on the origin, customs and traditions, moral values of our nation.The novel calls the readers to manhood, nobleness, to protect our national values and not to reconcile with ignorance and imperfection that we face in society.
Here, the stories are told in simple language of ordinary people, which is a kind of history of our past, present and everybody should read and know them.


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